You are resting on your sofa after a busy day at work, watching TV when you receive a text message from a friend. He is 15 blocks away from your place and he’s not going to come alone. Actually, the message reads that nearly 10 people are coming. It’s always nice to have friends over, but a quick look at your flat tells that you haven’t cleaned it in a while. You gradually realise that your carpet hasn’t been cleaned for a year or even more and your furniture is in the same desperate condition.

Start Cleaning Now

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath and … panic because you can’t clean your home in 15 or 20 minutes. However, you can make your home appear cleaner that it actually is. Yep, I said appear. What you need now is appearance, not substance. Follow through the tips below to find out how to cope with the situation and not feel embarrassed when your guests come in your home.

Stash: Before cleaning anything, make sure that there are no obstructions in your way. Get a basket and toss things in it. Then shoved it in the bedroom or closet, even under the bed or sofa will do. However, to make this method more efficient and easier for you to find stuff later, have a separate basket for each room you clean up. It’ll save you countless trips around your flat later when your guests are gone.

Clean the three T’s: Tables, toilet and TV. Start with the toilet. Give it a good scrubbing and leave to sit for a couple of minutes. While it sits you can dust the coffee table in your living room and all flat surfaces there. Now it’s time for the TV. It’s the centre piece in the room where you will welcome your guests. So wipe dust off the screen and back. Pay attention to your DVD set and Xbox. They attract dust, too.

Away with the dirty dishes: Don’t throw them out of the balcony nor wash them. Just put them in the oven. Be careful while stacking plates, glasses and cutlery in the oven, though.

After your friends are gone it’s time to sit down and reconsider the way you treat your home. You need to put your act together and come up with a cleaning regimen that will keep your flat clean and in order. Make a fresh start with contact a professional clean company for a sofa cleaning service. Here you can check out our carpet cleaning tips.