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3 Valuable Upholstery Cleaning Tips

If you have lots of upholstered items in your home and you are wondering which is the best method that you can use to keep them clean, you should continue reading this piece of text. Upholstery cleaning can be an easy task to do, especially if you have the right cleaning tools and materials for the job.

Curtain Cleaning Tip

According to many industry professionals, to preserve the good look of your floral curtains for a longer period, you should take care of them regularly. And here are 3 useful curtain cleaning methods to use:

  • 1. To get rid of the collected dirt and dust on your beautiful curtains use a lint brush. This method works excellent for curtains that are made of velvet or other such fabrics. You can also use the lint brush technique for heavy curtains or ones that cannot be removed easily.
  • 2. To remove odours from your curtains and make them smell fresh and nice, use some fabric freshener. The last one can be found in every store. Pick up the best scent for your personal taste and spray your curtains with the freshener. In this way, you will not only freshen your curtains, but the entire room, as well.
  • 3. Last but not least, experts recommend rubbing the curtain with a fabric softener dryer sheet. The results will be almost the same as if you apply the lint brush method with the difference that using this method your curtains not only will end up clean but will smell nice, too. So, pick one of these 3 useful curtain cleaning tips to make your domestic environment look amazing!

Mattress Cleaning Tip

Removing mildew from mattress is more than difficult task. This bad smelling fungi can cause a lot of problems to your health if you don’t deal with it on time. You cannot use just any mildew remover to clean a mattress because one way or another your skin will come into contact with this cleaner since there is no way to rinse it out from the mattress.

Fortunately, there is more than one safe cleaning solution that can help you to clean mildew from mattress. However, before using any of the described solutions, vacuum your mattress thoroughly and take it outside if possible.

Detergent Solution

  • Add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent into a mixing bowl. Slowly pour warm water while stirring the mixture, so a thick sudsy solution can form. You can also use laundry detergent instead of dish-washing agent. Cleaners Lee suggest this solution as one for cleaning mildew from a mattress.
  • Use a sponge or rag to scrub the cleaning solution into the mildewed areas. Do not over-wet the mattress with the mixture, as the moisture may penetrate beneath the fabric and wet the inner filling.
  • Once the mildew has been removed, let the mattress dry completely in direct sunlight. The sunlight will kill any mildew spores that have remained into the mattress.

Rubbing Alcohol Solution

  • Pour 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of water into a mixing bowl. Consider wearing rubber gloves when handling rubbing alcohol, as it it is very drying to the skin.
  • Damp a cleaning cloth in the solution and wipe off any mildew on the mattress.
    Let the mattress air dry.
  • If the mattress is heavily affected by mildew, expert cleaners suggest using the detergent solution first and then completing the mildew removal with the alcohol solution.

Suede Upholstery Cleaning Tip

Suede is a delicate fabric requiring lots of care and attention. Many people from all around the world wear suede shoes and clothes, because suede looks good on them. However, all of these people also know how hard is to preserve the good appearance of this fabric.

If you’ve spilled red wine on your suede sofa accidentally and now you are praying for the stain to come out, then stop whining, but start cleaning the spot. According to some of the best professional cleaners the sooner you start cleaning the spot, the better the chance to remove it completely.

The good news here are that for the cleaning of your suede shoes, you do not need to use any toxic detergents, because there are a few household alternatives which are as effective as their commercial versions. And one of these cheap alternatives includes the use of salt … yes I said salt. So, read on to find out how to remove red wine from suede with salt.

  • 1. Begin the cleaning by applying regular granulated salt to the stained suede surface. This household product will act as a sponge, absorbing the red wine from the fabric. Use a clean cloth to gently dab the salt into the fabric. Keep dabbing until you see that the wine stain disappears.
  • 2. When you get the desired results and there are no visible wine stains on your precious suede shoes, our cleaning specialists advise to gently brush off the salt from the fabric. For the purpose, you can use a special, soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner. Remember that this method is very effective for small wine spots, which are still fresh.

How To Clean Your Home Upholstery

The couch is the probably one of the most used pieces of furniture for pleasure and having fun in your house. This is the place where you could have a rest and watch a movie, spend a romantic evening or just drink your cup of coffee in the morning. This means that it receives a lot of dirt and stains, especially in homes with children and pets. So according to our upholstery cleaning London professionals you have to take a good care of the upholstery and clean it regularly to keep the good look of the couch and the comfort of your furniture.

We have prepared some great tips for the good cleaning and maintenance of the couch upholstery.

Useful Ideas For Couch Upholstery Cleaning and Maintenance

The first step that you need to take when cleaning couch upholstery is to remove all the cushions from the couch and vacuum the surface and all the sides thoroughly using an upholstery attachment. Remember that the cushions also need a regular cleaning and maintenance and we would recommend cleaning and washing them when you clean the sofa so that there will be no difference in the colours brightness.

Pre-treat the heavily soiled areas with the spray foaming upholstery cleaner. Always check the manufacturers’ labels to choose the most appropriate product for the specific type of fabric.

Leave the cleaner to work on the stain for a few minutes and the rub it gently into the fabrics using a wet cloth. Change the cloth with a clean one when you notice that the cloth becomes dirty.

Use appropriate upholstery cleaner to clean the whole surface of the sofa so that there will not be any spots in fresher colours on the upholstery. Always try a bit of the cleaning solution on a small hidden piece of the upholstery to make sure they do not cause any damage or discolouration of the fabric.

When you have completed the cleaning of the couch, vacuum the surfaces again to remove the excess quantities of the cleaning product.

Leave the couch to air dry completely before using it again because it could cause more damage to the upholstery.
If you could not remove all the stains from the sofa, remember that you may use professional cleaning services. They could help you remove not only the stains from the couch upholstery but also the ones from the carpets and draperies in your home.

Regular Cleaning For That Big Couch

Owning a big couch that could be made of either pure microfiber or often times, consists percentage of polyester mixed along with the microfiber material. Having a polyester fabric couch would be easily to clean with just water, as for microfiber you shall need some kind of cleaning agent. Always keep in mind, that you have an instruction manual along with the couch when you purchased it. If you can’t find it, search for a label showing what type of textile material was used for the couch.

Cleaning the couch with vacuum cleaner at least once on two weeks, would be a good way to keep in acceptable condition your big couch. The microfiber fabric has great touch feeling to the skin, but also it is a knife with two blade, as it is a material that tends to collect more dust. It could be a source for allergic people to dust. Thus regular vacuuming in order to keep your couch dust-free is advised.

What about the staining. All types of stains can vary in a degree of their density and opacity. Some blemishes and stains are so easily to remove, while others can be a real challenge. Those stains challenging you, that just wont go away need more special treatment. One of the most successful way to clean a stain, is to spray it with “stain remover”. But as soon as possible after seeing it. When you see that the stain becomes softer and you see it dissolving, it is time to clean it with other agent and hard haired brush.

Despite regular cleaning of the couch that you are performing on regular basis, soon or later an odour would start to come out from it. Well, removing odour is not so easy as removing stains, it is even harder, much harder. The baking soda is one of the possibilities that may work on your couch and remove its odour source. But if you have a spillage in the past from some greasy liquid and it had soaked in, it could be very complicated indeed. As for stains that are no more but still remained their scent, the baking soda could come in help as it has the capability to absorb quite well any kind of odour.