If you have a leather sofa, you must be connoisseur. Not many people understand the benefits of owning this kind of furniture. It can last a lifetime and becomes even more valuable over time. Leather couch in a living room shows class. It is the most expensive kind of furniture and may I say there is a very good reason for that. In fact now that I think about it, there are many reasons, why you should choose leather over anything else. There are some things you need to know, in order to preserve it for longer.

If you are new to the leather world, bear in mind not all furniture is a hundred percent leather. Moreover there are different types of leather. The more you’re willing to pay, the better you’ll get. It is quite simple when it comes to this material. There is the highest quality sort is called full or top grain leather. Next comes the corrected grain leather. Other types are finished and unfinished leather(suede for example). But enough explanations, moving to the important part – cleaning.

Leather Sofa Can Last A Lifetime

Finished leather is mostly used for furniture and we’re going to discuss it here. It should be cleaned often with dry soft towel. Vacuum cleaning it is also an option. Always be careful when treating it and avoid using abrasive materials, because you can scratch the leather. Daily cleaning is important, because if you neglect it dirt can ingrain, making stains and it’ll ruin the sofa. Spots are dealt with caution, using art gum eraser or suede. A combination of suede cleaner and suede brush is a very good option.

Saddle soap will deal with a tough stains. It is especially made for cleaning leather finished and unfinished. Before using it apply little on inconspicuous area, just to be sure. If everything is good take a wet towel and soak it in the soap. Make foam and blot gently for a few minutes. After it dries, wipe the excess lather with clean dry cloth and then polish. Unfinished leather is treated in a similar way, except you use dry towel all the time. Never use saddle soap with suede.


There are also many cleaning products especially made for leather. If you’re not sure which one to buy ask at the shop. Read the instructions on the cleaning agent bottle, they’re not written for fun. After cleaning it is good to apply leather lotion. The conditioner will moisten the leather, make it softer and more resilient. It will also protect it fro future staining. I recommend once or twice a year to call a leather upholstery cleaning company. The technicians know how to take care of your leather sofa the best.