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Which Is the Dirtiest Place in Your Home?

Many experts consider the toilet to be the cleanest place in one’s home. There is some logic to it, since you use very harsh detergents to clean it and if you are cleaning it often, it has no choice but to be clean. What is the dirtiest place in your home then?

That much depends on the home type, where it is located, and to a big part – to the owner. Expert cleaners consider under-bed to be one of such places. It is only natural that we skip the regular vacuuming under the bed or not doing it as thoroughly as we should. Dust, food leftovers, some stashed items there like socks, that are missing a pair for a month – reminds you of something ?

Mostly it is simply a mess, but if it stayed there for a while some bad things may happen. The nasty smell is the least of your problems, but vermin, and insects can become a real issue. Talking about monsters under your bed.

Unfortunately there is no simplifying this process. If you are able to move your bed and do some cleaning – perfect. Otherwise, it is just you, vacuum cleaner and broom. It is annoying, because you have to work in a very tight space. Since you wont be doing this very often, do it the right way. Once per one or two weeks should be satisfactory. Now, ensure you do this properly.

Pay attention to the corners and the far away spots. Also clean the underbelly of your bed – check for dust and spider webs. You may lay on your back, to see what the “ceiling” of your bed looks like and remove anything that does not belong there.

Our Bonus Tip – Homemade Tile Cleaner

If you are searching for some natural way how to maintain your tiles clean and shiny, then here you may find it. Cleaning tiles is definitely not something hard to achieve, but still you should know some things such as what is the type of your tiles and which are the best cleaners that you can use for their regular maintenance.

According to cleaning experts there are homemade tile cleaners that you can prepare by yourself and use to keep your tiles clean, no matter the material they were made of. So, in the next lines we will give you one such recipe to make your own homemade tile cleaner.

1. The ingredients needed for the cleaning are: ammonia, baking soda, white wine vinegar, clean empty spray bottles, warm water, a bucket, sponge and wash cloth.

2. Begin by mixing 1 cup of ammonia, ¾ cup of white wine vinegar, 2-3 litres of warm water and 1 cup of baking soda in a clean bucket. Then mix the ingredients well and pour the solution into a few clean empty spray bottles.

3. Now, when you have your homemade tile cleaner, spray the mixture over the dirtiest parts of your tile floors and let it sit for a few minutes. When the time is up, use a wash cloth or a sponge to wipe your tiles clean.

According to professional cleaners this simple homemade tile cleaner is as effective as the most expensive commercial detergents in the store. So, enjoy this recipe by saving money and making your tiles shiny again at the same time.

Best Home Cleaning Tips

The bedroom is a place where you rest. You rarely visit this room during the day. But at the end of it you want it to be warm, yet with fresh air, fresh bed sheets, comfortable. Spring cleaning should include not just the majority of the house but also your bedroom.

Update: You can check out our super exhaustive and comprehensive Ultimate Cleaning Tips and Tricks List!

Check under the bed as well. There should be a fair amount of dust accumulated beneath it. If you are storing some things beneath the bed I suggest you take them out, sort a couple of things, maybe you will throw some of them away.

When done with bed move to the dressers and the wardrobe. Again, begin to wipe it from top to bottom, to remove the dust. Then dive within, see what’s useful and what’s not. You can check on the sheets that you are using. Maybe some need changing. The old ones can go with a couple of other clothes to charity.

Cleaning services advice you wash the top of all of the furniture you keep in the room. Ventilate the room as well, wash the windows and maybe put some new, brighter curtains, to let some sunlight in.

Take care of the pillows as well. Wash them in the washing machine, is the label permits it, or take them to dry cleaning. Even if you use upholstery to wrap them with it, take them to a wash anyway. This will give them some “breathing” room, make them feel like new. This will add to your comfort during night hours.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

We will share with you just few of the best house cleaning tips for bathroom which are going to make your cleaning easier and faster.

  1. When you are cleaning the bathroom, you should remember that it’s a wet area and it’s the perfect place for the mould and mildew. To prevent its appearance, make sure that you use a solution of chlorine bleach and water in proportion 1:3. Spray it and rinse well in a few minutes. If you want, industry experts say that you can also use a detergent from the store, but they recommend that you should use rubber gloves.
  2. If you don’t have much time, you can use some baby wipes to clean the bathroom really quickly. Use them to wipe all the surfaces in the bathroom and around the toilet.
  3. No one loves cleaning the toilet. Well, professionals propose you an easy decision. Pour a couple of cups with white vinegar into the bowl. You should scrub it a bit and flush in a couple of hours. For the best result, you should leave it there overnight.
  4. Professional cleaners advise you to use borax, if you want to remove hard water stains from the bathtub or other similar items. Wipe with a damp sponge after an hour.
  5. Washing the mirror is not that hard. Make a cleaning solution of clarifying shampoo and water. Use a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol for the best results.
  6. We forget to clean the shower head very often. Specialists advise you to warm some vinegar in the microwave. Leave the shower head in the vinegar and after a couple of hours, use a toothbrush to clean any remaining mineral deposits. The cleaners advise you to rinse with warm water at the end.

Cleaning Barbecue Grill

Vinegar is a wonderful natural cleaning product that can not only eliminate a number of odours, but it can also clean the grease build-up on your barbecue grill. Most commercial cleaning products contain chemical substances which can be affect your food. That’s why it’s recommend that you use vinegar to clean your barbecue grill.

Step 1: Turn on the grill and wait till it gets hot, then switch it off.
Step 2: Ensure that the grill is warm, not hot before getting down to clean it.
Step 3: Make a cleaning mixture of half water and half white distilled vinegar. Pour it into a spray bottle.
Step 4: Spray a good amount of the cleaning solution on the warm grill. Professional cleaners recommend that you let it sit for 10 minutes before starting scrubbing the dirty grill.
Step 5: Get a piece of washed-up aluminium foil and spray it with full-strength vinegar.
Step 6: Scrub the grease grill with the aluminium foil till all dirt is removed.
Step 7: Rinse the barbecue grill.

This is all you need to do to get your favourite barbecue grill fantastic clean. We advise you to clean your grill on a regular basis, because bacteria can grow up on your greasy grill and can affect your food.

Taking care of the safety of your food is essential so make sure that you don’t neglect your barbecue grill. In addition, food is much more delicious when it’s prepared on a clean barbecue grill.

Oven Cleaning Tips

Cleaning ovens is not as hard as you imagine it. If you have done it before then you know it is messy and time consuming, but rather than that there are very simple rules you need to follow. Here we provide a few easy tips for oven cleaning.

Let us cross out the easy part – the outside of an oven. Chrome parts and glass door can be cleaned with a dish washed liquid and a sponge. You may also use white vinegar on a cloth to make these parts shine. And there is no need for any heavy duty cleaners. Oven cleaning can be performed by safe, green cleaning products, like vinegar and soda.

The inside of the oven is the most messy part. Here are some easy tips for cleaning it. Oven cleaners recommend you take more time by using a more lengthy approach. Heavy duty products may be efficient, but you have to wear extra protection to use them – rubber gloves, glasses, breathing mask – it is more complex. We are trying to keep things simple.

First – remove the racks from the oven and put them in the sink. You may plug the sink, fill it with hot water and some dish washing liquid and put the racks there. Then moisten the inside of the oven, concentrating on the greasy places. For the oven cleaning you will need baking soda. Put that on the moistened parts – that way it will stick and begin do dissolve the baked-in stains. Leave it be for 2 hours.

In the mean time you may scrub the racks. Use powder detergent on them and rub with a scrubber. Make sure you rinse them well.
After 2 hours, you may resume the oven cleaning, by spraying the white vinegar onto the stains inside the oven. A chemical reaction will occur and the stains will fade away. Leave the oven like that for another hour.

In the end – rinse well everywhere. Oven cleaners suggest the following oven cleaning routine – these are the easy tips, that people prefer to use.

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